Our Facilities



Facilities KennelsWe are on 15 acres close to the daisy hill state forest. This means that we are on a beautiful property, with a balance of open and bush areas, automated gate for your convence (so you can be directed to which part of the property you need to) and reception Kennels. There are also large brick, propose built kennels, constructed to our specifications, to give the dogs lots of room. The kennels have an external door that goes strait into their sand yard.

The kennel floors are sealed concrete, and have a gradual slope so that there can be no puddles. The kennels are built in such a way that in summer, they get all the cool breezes, it is a very pleasant environment.

All fences at the Kennels 6 foot high, and made of chain wire colour bond, or weld mesh. We have an escapee proof area where, not only the internal kennel, but the yard attrached is also fully enclosed. This can be booked in advanced.

Large sand yards with a shade cloth roof area, access from inside and out during the day, coupled with a big grass play paddock and 6ft fence.


The kennels can be a bit intimidating for small or house dogs, so to help with this, we have a limited number of dogs that can be with us in our home during their stay. This is pretty much like being at home. The littlies like nothing more than to be with us on the lounge having a cuddle, small walks are provided from the home stay.