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We have used Five Star Kennels for two very different-natured Rhodesian Ridgebacks over more than 10 years.

Tracey and Paul go that extra mile, spend time getting to know each dog, their likes and to ensure every dog feels safe, happy and really well looked after. So much so that my current RR runs between us all, wagging his tail both when we drop him off and on pickup!

We tell everyone Five Star Kennels is the second home for our beloved fur baby. Exceptional!

Greg and Bert  June 2019

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 “”I cannot rate this resort high enough, I was very worried about my dog Charlie as he had never been away from us before, we had regular feedback from these guys while we were away and Charlie certainly made himself at home.  when we went to pick Charlie up he had been beautifully washed and did not seem to care if we took him home or not he was so relaxed.  We will never go to another pet resort as Five Star Kennels ticked every box .  Thanks guys for everything you did for our Charlie it made our holiday so stress free.””
  you guys are champions. 
cheers Adelle, Martin and Charlie                                                                                                       10/11/2015
Cannot recommend highly enough!
The first time I put my Stamford & Kimby in a kennel, I spent weeks searching kennels online only to find them quite depressing - I simply couldn't find one that I could happily put my fur babies in.   I left the decision to my husband who chose Five Star Kennels and it was the best decision ever.   Kimby was a bit 'funny' around other dogs and he had ongoing issues with his ears so Five Star Kennels were given the task of cleaning and  checking his ears during his stay.   When we returned from holidays, his ears were absolutely pristine and I was so impressed with their condition and their happy demeanour - it alleviated any concerns I'd had about the kennels and I had no concerns leaving them here next time. 
We have since left Stamford & Nicholas at Five Star Kennels and each time, Stamford has returned in the most stunning condition - to our astonishment, his beautiful dark chocolate coat colour has returned (even though we feed him fresh quality meat every day!).    
Leaving our boys at Five Star Kennels means we can be enjoying our holiday on the other side of the world without any worries as to the condition, treatment, safety, comfort or attention that our boys are receiving.   We have 100% peace of mind in using Five Star Kennels, and as a pet lover, that is priceless.
James & Debbie Lambden, Regents Park                                                                                                                                            13/4/2015



Jenny and David


Approximately 11 years ago about a year after losing our Black and Tan Kelpie of 14 years, we were asked if we would take on a rescued 22 month old American Staffordshire cross. It put us in a bit of a dilemma as we were asked to provide an urgent home for her and we were booked to go away the following month. What we didn’t know in finally saying yes was the number of issues she had. To cut a long story short we said yes, fell in love on sight and without going into detail began our very own “Marley and me” story. Missy’s short puppyhood had been pretty awful so it took a while to gain her trust and understand her but our trip was getting closer and we seriously thought of cancelling it. We were so worried about leaving her and the thought of her being in a run all day was too much. If it hadn’t been for our vet’s nurse recommending Five Star Kennels I don’t think we would have gone away. We met Paul and Tracy and felt instant relief. I felt like a total sook telling them how anxious we were but they totally understood and I now realize they had heard it all before. Missy was a bit dubious at first but when we got home (only a week later) and went to pick her up we knew we wouldn’t have to worry again.                                              

Tracy and Paul took the time to understand her problems and gave her all the love and attention she required. This is a dog that had serious issues and with very little trust in anyone.

Over the years our trips have continued all thanks to Tracy and Paul for providing the care and attention necessary with Paul saying he would like to charge us by the number of pats she receives, (thankfully he doesn’t.) She loves being there and on arriving commences talking. She loves to follow Tracy around with Tracy referring to her as her concierge. Missy is now 13 yrs old and just loves going to Five Star “Holiday Camp” We would not hesitate to recommend this kennel to anyone particularly if you have a troubled 4 legged friend. Our old girl still has her issues but boy has she come a long way. Thank you so much Paul and Tracy.                                                                      11/2/2015



Shadow has been staying with Tracey & Paul since he was wee fellow he was once - he is now a 53 kg unit!).  He has been visiting Five Star kennels at Springwood at least three or four times a year for the last eight years, with the most recent stint being for six weeks.  I can't recommend Paul and Tracey highly enough.  I trust them implicitly look after him - not just in keeping him safe and healthy but in giving him the cuddles and one-on-one attention that he is used to. I also like that they often match him up with another dog he gets along well with so he has  a "friend" for company.
Its not just me who feels totally comfortable leaving Shadow at Five Star Kennels.  Shadow loves it!  Shadow gets really excited when he recognizes the kennel is his destination - when we turn into Dennis Road he will be standing up on the back seat of the car - head out the window sniffing in the bush-air and wagging his tail with excitement.  He can't wait to get out of the car and bounding up to Paul and Tracey - this is the dog who cries at the door of friends places if I have to leave him for five minutes to go outside!!!.   So I think I can safely say that Shadow highly recommends Paul and Tracey too!
Seriously though - once you and your dog experience Five Star Kennels you will not consider anywhere else.                               


We have had our dogs stay with Paul and Tracy for approximately 12 years and we can go away and relax knowing they are well cared for. You can tell they actually get to know your dog by stories shared when you go to pick them up. We started going to 5 star dog kennels when one of our boys (now departed) was about a year old. They took him through all facets of his life and were very comfortable attending to his medication and other needs he had as he aged. We now have two, one of which is a rescue who is a bit nervy at times, but totally relaxes and is herself when she is there. Basically if I need to kennel my dogs I don't go away unless Paul and Tracy can care for them. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

alyson w

Tracy and Paul have been wonderful surrogate parents to my dogs...I was lucky to be recommended to them when I had a very special needs dog...a wonderful 1Kg fully grown Yorkshire Terrier with a congenital problem that required hand feeding and constant monitoring. They performed all her needs and more...I now have a very normal 1.5 Kg Yorkie who holidays with Tracey and Paul...she loves them...her tail nearly wags right off when she hears them...I have every confidence entrusting them with my precious "fur child"whenever I go away, knowing that they care for her just as I do and most importantly that she is HAPPY to be there...Dogs never lie, and her wagging tail when we arrive at FIve Star is the best recommendation for anyone...


The absolute best boarding kennels we have ever found! Tilly was so relaxed when we went to pick her up, a great sign that she really enjoyed her stay with Paul & Tracy. We already have her booked in for our next trip away, and highly recommend Five Star Kennels to all dog lovers!

Suzie & Buster

Paul and Tracy have been spoiling our two dogs for many years while we are on holidays. Our older dog loves Paul and Tracy but we were a little concerned with our second dog, also an RSPCA dog, who does not really like other dogs or many people.... But on his first stay we were totally surprised when he instantly became friendly with both Paul and Tracy and socialized with all the other dogs... It was amazing and pleasing to watch him so at ease in the new surroundings...
Paul and Tracy's level of care and kindness was way above what we expected when our vet recommend 5 Star Kennels some years ago (our vet uses 5 Star Kennels for his own dogs) and we now go on holidays knowing our pets are truly in safe and caring hands... We would not have any hesitation in recommending Paul and Tracy to any of our friends or family...


Paul and Tracy have been looking after our kelpie at least twice a year for the last 6 years. Our dog is always excited when we are near their place. She just loves being there. Paul and Tracy treat their dogs as if they were their own pets with lots of love and attention. The staff are always friendly and easy to talk to. I highly recomend them and look forward to bringing my very active kelpie to them for holidays for many years to come.


Paul and Tracy have looked after our family's dogs for over 10 years. First our beautiful blue heeler, P.K. in her later years, and now our lovely little Maltese/silky terrier, Rosie. We would not leave her anywhere else because of the love and care she receives. She stays with Paul and Tracy in the house so it is just like home. I would recommend their care to everyone as it is excellent.


We would like to thank Tracy and Paul for the attention they give our 3 dogs, we feel confident to go away and know that the dogs are in great hands. It is comforting to see the love and care they give the dogs and the dogs are always happy to see them


We have been leaving our two small dogs in Five Star Kennels care, up to four times a year, for ten years now and would never consider going anywhere else. The loving care that they receive while there from Tracey and Paul is just like being home. They are very experienced in the knowledge, handling and care of all breeds. They go to great lengths to feed even the fussiest of eaters with extra chicken cook ups and favourite foods being offered. This I know as owner of two very fussy eaters. Our two dogs love going there and this knowledge is reflected in their sparkly eyes and excited greetings to Tracey and Paul. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Five Star Kennels to anyone wanting the best care possible for their dog while away and the piece of mind that comes with knowing they are being so well looked after.

Philip Waldren

I leave my 2 labs there a few times a year knowing that they are cared for, fed, watered, exercised and well looked after and would recommend this kennel to anyone. Great people running it that honestly care about my dogs welfare.


excellent kennels run by true dog lovers. my girls (pets) loved it there. the home stay is an awesome idea for house dogs. very happy .thoroughly recommended