About Us

Paul Martin

My Grandfather was a bookmaker in England and this was the start of my parent’s association with Greyhounds.

We always lived on acreage breeding and racing greyhound’s, and had a number of retired greyhounds as pets. I was walking and caring for greyhounds from 7 years of age, and it was obvious from my early years that I had a special repour with dogs. Every afternoon our pet greyhound Dev would wait for me 100 metres from home, and take my hand in her mouth and lead me home.

I was successful as a greyhound trainer and always treated my dog with lots of love and cuddles, which they in return, tried very hard to please me by winning many races. Because racing was so completive in training, I did a lot of physiotherapy on the dogs, which included massage and dealing with different vets and many ailments over the years. My knowledge about dogs and how they move is extensive, and it is an area I have spent many years studying.

Over the last forty years I been fortunate to make a living from doing what I love, I understand dogs and they understand me. Communication is very simple, as a cuddle and a treat goes a long way. If you remember your first day at school, it was pretty scary letting go of your mums hand and walking into a completely different environment, and this is how your best mate feels, ‘this is where a cuddle is so important. I find that within 24 hours, 99 percent of dogs bond to either Tracey, or me. (It has been said I am far better with dogs than people).


I grew up in country new Zealand on a dairy farm which was paradise for someone like me. A hands on person rather than an academic child, my sisters and I had all sorts of pets. Every year we were given a calf that we hand reared, and with great pride, would participate in showing our calves at the calf club. We had a border collie called fluff, and an apricot poodle called Aquarius. At the same time, dad saved a baby possum who’s mum had been run over. We hand reared whiskers (the possum), so he thrived and became best friends with fluff and Aquarius. Dad coped a lot of ribbing by the local farmers when they saw fluff with whiskers on his back, followed by Aquarius, bringing in the cows.

At about 10ys I was given my own horse, a little 12 hand high pony called Sammy. He was around 16 years of age, and I adored him, he was wonderful. My sister and I rode at the local pony club, eventually going too showing and eventing our horses, which gave us hours of fun, which also required lots of love and hard work caring for our horses and tack. It really set me up for meeting Paul and making a life with him and his dogs, because I already knew the commitment it takes to look after animals properly.  

Paul was involved in the Greyhound industry at that time, which I found this time to be bit like an apprentiship in animal husbandry, as everything had to be just right, as the dogs had to be in peak physical condition. We both loved greyhounds, but I found I it was the dogs that gave me the most joy, not the racing.

Paul and I have really enjoyed the relationships we've built with our guests, and in many cases, the friendships we have built with our customers over the years. When you care for some ones four legged family member, it is such a personal experience. And never having had children of my own, five star kennels has given me an endless supply of what I call, substitute children, to love and fuss over. This has given me a very happy and contented life.